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CBlade53 (7:11:23 PM): hello..
CBlade53 (7:12:47 PM): whats up?
Quixera (7:13:01 PM): nothing
CBlade53 (7:13:28 PM): ah *shrugs* well, dunno what
to say or ask

Quixera (7:13:42 PM): ah
CBlade53 (7:13:57 PM): i think it should be pretty
clear whats been on my mind lately, though

Quixera (7:14:20 PM): yep
CBlade53 (7:15:02 PM): well, i don't know, have you
come to a clear decision?

Quixera (7:15:13 PM): yeah
CBlade53 (7:15:39 PM): well...what have you chosen?
Quixera (7:18:05 PM): you seem bent on making this a
serious relationship which it will never be. I'll leave
things as they are if you can try not to make this into
something it's not.

CBlade53 (7:19:09 PM): things as they are. what do
you consider a serious relationship anyways?

CBlade53 (7:19:15 PM): -s
Quixera (7:21:20 PM): that's kind of hard to say but I'd
prefer if this were just a step beyond the level of

CBlade53 (7:22:15 PM): ah, and what exactly does
that entail? that things will stay the way they have
been all along for the most part?

Quixera (7:22:54 PM): for the most part.
CBlade53 (7:23:45 PM): ah, ok.
Quixera (7:24:30 PM): as long as I'm not the most
important thing in your life things should go better.

CBlade53 (7:25:51 PM): *nods* ok