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Star Force

Captains Log, Stardate 2396.05, after rendezvousing with the U.S.F. Liberty we have picked up the Cartelian ambassador. At the moment we are headed at maximum speed towards Cartel Prime. The ambassadors presence their at the moment is critical.

Captain Steven Roberts walked onto the bridge and to his respectful seat in the command chair. The viewscreen showed a melancholy, backward view of Orion. Steve sunk into the chair and peered out at the screen. He swiveled on his chair and asked Commander William Smith, "What’s the ETA till we reach Cartel Prime." Will looked at a monitor in front of him for a moment and replied, "Seven hours, sir." Steve sighed, "Great, seven hours to kill." Steven got up and walked into the lift and went to the observation deck.

A flustered young trainee saw the Captain and shouted out, "Captain on deck." Steve sighed and said, "At ease", then continued his stroll over to the port side of the observation chamber. Steven walked over to the bar and ordered some Galgerian Ale.

Steve’s comm badge buzzed. He pulled it out of his pocket and activated it. Admiral Jones’ face filled the tiny screen and he started,

"Captain Roberts, we ask that you deviate from your present course and go to the following coordinates." Steven raised his eyebrow and asked "I thought that getting the ambassador to Cartel was important. What happened to that objective." Jones looked grimly at Roberts and answered, "There is something very important in that sector, more important than any political debate." Steve darkly replied, "Aye, sir." The Admiral finished by saying, "Good day Captain, and good luck", as the comm screen went blank.

Steven drank some more of the putrid ale and sighed. He had a bad feeling about this mission. Steve tapped his comm and sent orders to the bridge to change course.

Chapter 2 coming soon