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"Race For Glory"

By: Bret Zawilski

Before even the civilization of the Sumerians there was a mythical civilization called Atlantis. Atlantis was supposedly a highly advanced city on the sea. Legends state that it sank into the Atlantic ocean over 9000 years ago. My name is Scott Harris, a paleontologist from Harvard University. I am unknown in my field. I have found some jewels but nothing news breaking.

One day Scott was digging in a neaby site. He didn't expect to find much, if anything. Suddenly a tiny golden bead caught his eye. Scott thought maybe it was gold. But, little did he know what he was digging into. Scott went back to his lab and put the golden bead under his microscope. To his dissapointment, Scott discovered it wasn't gold. The bead was some strange type of mineral. It gave off a soft flourescent glow. Scott decided to take it to his friend Davis, an experienced geologist. Davis commented "I have never seen anything like this. Where did you find it"? "I found it in a site up near New Jersey", I replied. Davis, who was also into mythical things, said "I've done some reading about Atlantis and there was a material like this mentioned in the writings." "Thanks Davis, I have to be going now", I said. Scott decided to do some heavy research on the subject. After reading up on Atlantis he decided to take a trip to Thera, an island believed to be Atlantis. Scott hired a boat to take him to Thera but when he was almost there the ship was turned back by goverment officials. Scott quickly jumped overboard into the murky waters. He swam to the island of Thera and watched a group of scientists hunching over a small hole. Scott took a closer look and was surprised to see that the material that they were looking at was the same as the bead he had.

Scott quickly jumped back into the water. After swimming for about 20 minutes the wet adventurer made it back to the boat. When the boat reached the harbor Scott went to his hotel to rest. The next thing he knew was waking up in a dark room. Like that of an abandoned warehouse. Scot shouted "Where am I? What do you want?". A cold voice replied, "What do you know about Atlantis? And why were you sneaking around Thera?" Scott remained silent and didn't answer any questions. Two thugs grabbed him and threw him into a small room. Scott remembered Davis mubling about the beads high atomic energy levels. Scott ripped off a piece of his shirt and tied it to the bead. Then he found a box of matches in his pocket. He lit the strand of cloth and backed into the far corner. As soon as the flame reached the bead it exploded. The force of the explosion brought down the door. Scott ran as fast as he could until he was a safe distance outside the warehouse.

He quickly went back to his hotel room and retrieved his camera. Scott rented a boat and went to Thera. When he was halfway to Thera he noticed a bunch of divers jumping into the water. About 15 minutes after they submerged, Scott got into his wet suit and plunged into the waters. He quickly noticed a small opening in the coral reef. He swam into it and was amazed at what he saw. Jewels covered the walls from head to toe. Scott swam to the end of the tunnel and saw a group of scientists using some equipment on some oblisc type objects. Scott took a long look around the room and was purely amazed at all the sites. All of a sudden something kicked in. A weird figure stood upon the oblisk the scientists were studying. He raised his staff and the entire room began to shake. The watertight seals started to give away. Scott slipped on his helmet and ran to the exit.