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Space Station R-5

By: Bret Zawilski__

It is the 27th century. The earth polluted and it's ecosystem destroyed, was abandoned half a century ago.

The human race was moved to the new and terraformed mars. But when they settled there something awoke.

It was a group of alien cyborgs and the one last being of the extinct race. In less than 2 months the beings

Destroyed 3/4 of the human population. They decided that the humans were not worthy opponents and left

barely any on the planet. They headed into deep space unknowingly directly toward the last outpost of the

humans. It took 4 months for a transmission going at 6 times the speed of light to reach earth. Because of this

they hadn't heard of the beings that were named, Beserkers.

The station was massive and housed the first starship with warp engines that wasn't only for exploration.

It was so new it wasn't even named. Who's messing with light's, Will yelled. William Smith was the stations

second in command. I am, said Brian Decker. Brian was the basic goof off. He tormented Will all the time. Will

walked over to Brian and suprisingly punched Decker in the gut. Brian fell to the ground gasping. Now shutup and leave me

alone, Will said.

I can't believe you of all people would punch another officer, even someone who deserves it,

Ryan said. Ryan Donner is the station's captain. Sir, I was just..., Will started. Save it for someone else Will. You're second

in command and my friend. I told you to just ignore Decker and what do you do? You slug him in the the gut for

turning off the lights. Sir... That's all commander. But sir... That's all commander. You're to stay in your quarters

until you cool off.

Give me a lateral stabilizer, Peter Greenman ordered. Peter is the head engineer. Aye sir, replied James Wallace.

James is the newest addition to the crew and very timid. He's also the pilot of the starship. Well it should be

ready by tomorrow. Peter said. I can't wait to fly it Pete. The way I fixed it up should help you fly nice. Good.

Will walked into the room sulkingly. What's up Pete said. I've been confined to the bay area. Wil replied. So

what, you spend most of your time in here anyway, peter remarked. It's the principle of the matter. What happened

anyway? I got in trouble for slugging Brian, said Wil.

2 Weeks later

Sir, we're picking up something on radar, stated James.. What is it?, Ryan asked.. Unknown. It's giving off high

neutrino waves. Some sort of projectile just broke off sir. What the... ETA, Ryan asked.. 2 minutes. All hands

battle stations. Raise shields, commands Ryan. Sir, it's heading right at us, James says. All hands brace for

impact, says Ryan. The room goes silent as a giant ball of light comes into sight. It streaks past the command

booth and hits the weapons bay. The light is replaced with fire. The enemy comes into sight. 5 beings appear.

Sir, we're receiving a transmission from mars, says Wil. Warning. To all ships that hear this. We have a new

enemy. It has destroyed this planet. You will know them when you see them. Bewarererrerereeeerrerererererere.

8 of our officers approached the beings. They were thrown back by an unseen force. The leader stepped foward.

He drew a weapon and aimed at our ship. He fired. The next thing any of them knew was waking up on the

floor. Ryan got up and surveyed the base. It was damaged bad. The ship was on top of the bay. The entire

complex they were in at that very moment was on the other side of the base. Wil got up and walked around

trying to hide the limp he had recieved. Peter woke up and tryed to figure out what happened.

8 hours later everything was calming down. There were only 20 officers at most on the station so there was

little panic. Ryan walked into the briefing room casually dressed. Gentlemen, we have a new threat. These beings

are more advanced than we are by far. Our shields have been tottally destroyed. Our sensors have spotted them

heading back. Sir, how will we stop them? James asks. With our ship, replies Ryan. But we're not sure if it will

work, Peter says. We'll just have to see.

Wil hopped aboard the ship and went to his seat. The computer console in front of him sparkled with light and

buttons. He could access everything from this console. He looked up and saw the wonderous luxuries of the

captain's seat. It had so many functions he couldn't count them. Ryan approached and seated himself to the

right and slightly above Wil. Ryan,Wil said, do you think this will work? I don't know.He looked ahead and

said, thusters ahead full speed . Yes sir, came from an excited ensign Wallace(James). The ships engines

groaned as we lifted off. The thick artificial atmosphere dissapeared quickly and the stars gleamed. The ships

life support system kept us alive. The sensors picked up a strong signal 2 lightyears away. Lightspeed,Ryan said.

My stomache went up into my throat when the ship hit lightspeed. The sensation soon eased. 10 minutes later

we saw the ship. It wasn't huge and it looked fragile. But the first blast cripled our shields. We fired plasma

torpedoes, our most powerful weapon. It only took out 25% of their shields. Their second blast almost knocked

off our warp nacelle. We fired our last 4 plasma torpedoes and cripled their shields. After that we decided to use

experimental neutron torpedoes. With one shot we punctured their hull. They countered with a beam of pure

energy that singed right through our lasers and knocked off our nacelles. We retreated then. It took us 2 hours to

regain warp power. Wil was furious. I was the same. Being a commander of a space station is hard. Now I had to

deal with this. Wil approached me rapidly. Sir, he said, if they could do that to titanium imagine what the could do

to human beings. Destroy them in a second, I replied. How do we stop them? Wil remarked. I don't know. Well

maybe it's time you find out! Wil screamed. A couple of cadets stared at us then went back to work. I went back

to my quarters after that.

This experience was terrifying to a new recruit. My only friend is Peter. And he doesn't talk that much. It's usually

"James hand me this hand me that thanks" the only thing he says. I walked to the nearly constructed space

platform. It extended 70 yards into space. I then looked at the stars. They were so beutiful. Then the alarms went

off all across the square mile station. All hands battle stations. Senior officers report to the starship Starfury

on the double.I rushed to the bay and took my seat. Ryan stood up. Gentlemen, the beings have returned. We

must protect this base. And we must use this ship. Full speed ahead, commanded Ryan.

Ryan shouted, fire all weapons. The spectrum of colors filled the officers eyes. The enemy ship countered with

bolts of energy that crippled our shields. Then the leader surfaced. He used a rocket pack to get to our ship. Out

of his pocket came a sword of light. It sliced through the computer easily. I stood up only to fall back as Wil

pushed me out of the way. He walked over to the life support system. Before he reached the console he killed an

officer. I stood up and blasted him with my laser. He stumbled back then rushed foward. I jumped aside just as the alien reached me. It turned on it's boosters and went back to it's ship. The alien ship continued to bombard the StarFury. Wsrp Speed, Ryan yelled. The ship went silent. WARP SPEED NOW!!, Ryan screamed. The ship shot foward faster than the speed of light. Sir, they're following, Wil said. Prepare for lightspeed combat manuevers, Ryan said. The alien ship came just adjecent to the port nacelle. It fired another beam and severed one of the four nacelles.