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You may think you know what you want

But then, baby, you havenít met me

Long silver hair, poetically polite

Youíll never have to fear my anger

That is, if you mostly stay out of sight

Each day you spend by my side

Will be spent feeling free

Youíll surely say to yourself

Washing dishes; never such fun could there be.

The laundry Iím sure youíll always make white

Dinner better be something good

Youíll learn to shop for necessities too

Like cigars and six packs

Cans of tobacco?Maybe just a few.

Good manners are a must

In the field of T.V. etiquette.

The remote is mine forever to hold

Which Iím sure you will not mind

Thereíll be so much fun to have

Like sweeping and dusting

Washing the car too.

Beauty may be on the inside

Some claim itís more than skin deep

But if it doesnít shine through,

Please do me a favor,

Donít bother calling me.