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Hello, after purchasing this horn approximately two weeks ago, it arrived Thursday, March 5th at my home.I was unable to play it that weekend, but when I returned and tested the horn, two problems were evident.The low C key was leaking somewhat and it was impossible to slur between a low G and high G.I called your repair and service department shortly thereafter and spoke with Steve about the issue.After attempting a method he suggested for repairing the horn, I mentioned that I was on spring break and unable to have my instructor, Dr. Kirk OíRiordan, listen to the horn and give me his insight.

Today, March 15th, he was able to play the horn for himself and complimented its tone in general.However, the issue with the slurring of the low G to high G gave him a good deal of trouble as well.Iím hoping by sending this back, you can repair the horn and return it to me.But, if you are unable to isolate the problem, I am hoping that the horn is still good enough condition to swap for another of the same model.

In any case, I hope you can repair the instrument.It hopefully isnít a serious issue with the horn, and Iím not overly concerned about the leak in the low C since I know new horns do have to get settled in.As for contact information, you can ship the instrument back to the following address:


Iris E. Zawilski

HC-1 Box 226D

Thornhurst, PA 18424


If you need to get in contact with me for whatever reason, you can reach me at my school number.570-893-3225And my thanks to the repair staff for their help on the phone over the past few days.


Thank you,

Bret Zawilski