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Hello, this page will explain to you the phenomena that is..."me". Oh well, I guess there is a lot to know about me. I'm 16 years old and a student at the great North Pocono High School. As for my social 'cliche' ummm, hell, i don't think I have one, but that doesn't matter too much. I used to be involved in the soccer team there. Now I'm pretty much just a 'band geek'.

By nature, I'm a writer. I like to write science fiction, fantasy, and a little poetry. Of course that is another little known fact for most. I write because...well, because I like to read. My writings are about all kind of things. Thumbs Up was the first comedy I've ever written, and I think it turned out fairly well. Other things deal with love and such sappy things as that. Anyways, click on the Stories link to visit my database. Just about everything I've written that I'm proud of is on there.

I have a lot of hobbies for when nothing else is going on, although often enough I just sit online and complain of being bored. Naturally I like to read a lot. Aside from writing that would have to be my favorite hobby. Soccer is the only sport I've ever really gotten into although basketball is fun to play (not watch) as well. I was good at it and good at my position. Hell, I was defender and saved goals and did all kinds of cool things. But, well, there are just other complications. Most of which caused by my tendency to be a lazy procrastinator. Karate is something else I like to do in spare time. I'm a brown belt, which is second to black, so I guess that means I'm pretty good. I haven't actually gone to a class in years, but I still remember most of the stuff. For exercise now I mostly just run.

My social life is confusing. Due to everything, I have no cliche of my own. Sometimes I purposely just act clumbsy, beats me why, but its a habit. Often I mock my own intelligence and play dumb. Nobody much believes I'm just playing around, lol, but let 'em believe whatever they want. I'm an INFP supposedly by the personality test listed in the links section. Supposedly I'm akin to the Sir Galahad of lore (ha ha). I like to think of myself as such a lovely and nice person (ha again) but when pissed, ummm, heh, friend or not I wouldn't get too close unless you're very forgiving of insults ;p .

As for career, I plan on being an English teacher someday. Plus, what I truely want to be is an author. Someday my name will be in lights...or maybe old worn out paperback covers, that would be cool. So, those are my plans, and this is my life. I hope you have enjoyed a brief behind the scenes look at the "me" phenomena. For more information, contact a 'me' near you. And if you're lucky, I'll give a first edition autographed book. Thats if ur nice.

AIM Name = CBlade53
ICQ Number = 7529915

Ok, this is a little more info about yours truly thanks to an interesting personality test at It shows me as being an INFP and knowing myself, I find that it fits rather well. So, read at your own risk.

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And that's it for now. Enjoy the read. See you later all.