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LAST UPDATED ON 2-10-01!!!

Welcome to my domain, newly updated and ready to be unveiled for the world.

2/10/01 - Well, as is customary with big changes to this site, I uploaded a new banner, and boy, was this one ever a bitch to make. After multiple program shut downs and puter lock ups, it took around 45 minutes just to render the damn thing cause of the glass effect. And do you know how hard it was to get that glimmer to look decent? Lol, well, I hope it was worth the effort.

2/02/01 - Ok, happy groundhogs day...oh wait...hell, 12:06. 2/03/01. Happy day after groundhogs day. Ok, so I'm really bored right now and umm, just deleted some crap off of a few of the pages. Those of you who've been here before will know which sections are gone, but it doesn't matter too much. Hope you enjoy the stay at the page. Not too much thats interesting to do, but check out the Stories section if you want. Should be some relatively recent junk posted there. Au revoir.

1/13/01 - The Games review section has been removed and replaced by a Book Review section. 13 books/series are currently reviewed there. Please check it out and give me any comments you have in the guestbook. Thanks.

1/10/01 - New pictures have been added to the Art Section. Hope you enjoy.

1/9/01 - Ok, today I uploaded things to the art and pic sections finally, so you have a few things to look at if you want. Other than that, I think I uploaded two new poems since last update. Look around and stay awhile! Cya.

1/7/01 - Today's update is the first one in two years, can you believe that? Well, even now, I'm still alive and well. Sure, life has given me a few bumps and experiences in the past 2 years, but I'm just great right now. I hope you enjoy everything that is here and will be here shortly. The page will hopefully be updated regularly.

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