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10-15-97 Bret Zawilski

Mr. Craven English

I walked along the dusty path towards the hill. A flourescent glow hung over the rolling hills in the distance. A long, shiny, sliver of the moon was visible from behind the clouds. I turned my attention to the house. It came out of nowhere from the mist. It was an old 2 story cottage with and eerie glow emanating from it. I walked up to the rotting door and pushed it open. It swung easily open with a slight creak. A small chuckle came from the walls but I dismissed it for the wind. I pressed my foot onto the wooden plank floor and suddenly a board with sharp, rusted, metal nails came falling down. I jumped back, startled, and after a few minutes peered in through the door. An odd blackness that not even my flashlight could pierce filled the room. I ran as fast as I could through the room and tripped on a step. I carefully climbed up the old creaky staircase. More than once, one of the planks fell from beneath my feet and I found myself hanging on the railing trying to keep my balance. A musty odor flooded my senses when I reached the top and I began to feel lightheaded. I pushed foward into the hallway and pulled down the attic door. An anvil crashed to the floor nearly missing me when the door was pulled open. I climbed the stairs and scanned the room quickly with my flashlight but the blackness still hung about the air. I took a step foward feeling my way through the dark room and the floor I was standing on gave way. I fell through the ceiling and landed on a dusty old bed. Another soft chuckle came from the walls and I ran down the hallway and down the stairs to the door. I took one last look around and sighed as I exited the back door. I tucked my jacket around myself and walked down the narrow concrete path to the dusty path he'd come on. I felt my foot sink a bit and looked down. I was horrified to see the sunken concrete block. A sharp pain struck my back and I fell. I felt my back and could barely make out the handle of a dagger. My sight slowly dimmed to black as life loosened its grip on me. The last thought I had was, "Why did I come here?". As I laid on the ground the chuckling bursted out into horrific laughter.