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Laura: Laura's a kewl girl, into gothic things and hte biggest Manson fan ever. Shes from nearby Walenpaupack but I never met her in person, shes overall kewlie though *gives her a can of diet blood*

Wimmy: Wimmy is a good old Canadian and one of the kewlest people on the net. She gave me the nickname blitzen for various reasons which will remain unexplained. :)

DeskadinA: Lo has been a friend of mine for a long time now. She's helped me when I went temporarily insane too...well...any1 on IRC knows what I'm talking about. Thank God thats over. ;) She's a kewl girl and founder of #Alternative.

Three6t: We met as enemies now we're friends, lol. Shes a kewl gurl from New York. We've been friends for like a year now and chat all the time. She is the bestest friend online I could ever want, and shes always there when I'm feeling down.

 angelgurl7: A kewl friend from Mass. Why do all the girls hafta live in another state ;)

 Budgieluvr: An old friend who doesn't come on anymore. Miss ya Aid.

 Cha: Amy is one kewl girl, shes like totally hyper all the time but we're good friends...oh yeah she lives in Australia and has kangaroos in her backyard....just kiddin'.....Amy....put the knife down ;) j/k *hugz*


Jared: JK as I call him was one of the first people I met online about a year ago. I remember I threw him into an incinerator one time...lots of fun ;)


Nnitro: Or NN. NN's been around as long as I can remember, hes close to the IRCOPs so that could prove useful ;) when him ross and loc meet up can get ugly. Oh yeah, hes also just a TAD sarcastic.


Riverdale: Psycho guy, have known him for a long time, started talking to him more oftenon the SandNet IRC server after AnotherNet dissolved.


_Rachel_: Rachel is a pretty kewl girl. She doesn't come online much anymore, but I used to break her chandeliers. Don't worry, I replaced every last one I broke.


Locutus: Loc was also around from the start, him and ross make things get ugly when togetha. Hes a kewl dude with a sick mind and livens up the channel with his <---kInKaY and <---n/c remarks :)


Ross: Ross is....pure kinkyness. Hes psycho, and comes close to beating my wackiness.


Nikiii: Nikiii is one of the co-founders of #Teens_n_stuff and a good friend of mine. Shes a nice person and often livens up the chan :)


Kylie: Kylies channel #!Smylie is where my IRCin began and where I met JK and the other ppl. She gave me ops there and we became friends. Kys there a lot for people when they're feeling down. A real kewl girl.


_Lisa_: Lisa is the founder of the channel #Teens_n_stuff. Shes a nice person and keeps the chan clean of all the cyberpunks out there.


cra-z: Vince is a kewl person and a good friend, we wreaked havok back on AnotherNet. I haven't seen him in a month those cause of the server splits, but hes an awesome dude.


Sn00py: Allie is a hyped up teenage girl as normal. She's like there for ya when ya need advice or help n stuff. A kewl gal.


Nicki: AKA Cocoa, she has been around a long time as well, a good and kewl friend to the end.....that rymes.


Bix: Amanda is a weirdo too....possibly explained by the fact she lives in Pennsylvania.


Gyps: Gyps is another prime example of a teenage girl....hyper. Shes kewl and has the best homepage and is listed on the links page....if thats up when I'm writing this :)