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Friends...of the real life variety


Brian: Brian's been one of my friends since like 1st grade. He skates and all that other stuff and a link to his page is on the links page here. hehehe, Go there if you want to see him with Tigger ;)

Don: Don do I say this...weird. He does animal mating calls at lunch...need I say more?

Mark: Mark and I have been friends for the past year. Oh Mark, if you're reading this Chris is the one who put the book on your chair....really...hehe...ummm...inside joke :P

Dennis: Can you say phreaky? This kid ummm...must be on medication or something.

Jess: Jess has been one of my friends for the past 8 months or so now. She's a big FF fan and such. And hey, you never Chocobo's went kweh. I thought they went wark!

Chris: Chris is a trumpet player in the band here. He's also on my 3 on 3 basketball team for gym.

Jenn W: Jenn is known as Spike by all of us since she spiked her hair for part of the year here. She's cool and has the unique ability to uplift your spirits, though you wouldn't think so from first impressions, lol.

Ang: Once again, another friendship that started about 8 months ago. She's always there for ya, even if you ummm....say things you might regret at a later date. She also writes on, along with Jess, look for both of them under the names Ninn and anchoredinhope.

Jay: Psycho driver who sits at my lunch table and unfortunately is in my studies.

Heather: She's in my homeroom, English, Latin, and History classes. She and Mike below don't exactly...get along at times. A year later she's still in my english and history class (World Cultures sucks!) and I no longer take latin.

Mike: No matter what he EVER tells you, HE is the official and authentic Number Stealer of the school! He stole my number. Long story, don't ask.

Joe: One of my longest friends. He lives down the road and is a grade below me in school. We have absolutely NO interests in common, but hell, doesn't seem to really matter. Out of all my friends, I'd say I have to bestow him with the title of best friend since, hey, he's been one longest.

Holly: Holly and I just met this year. She moved into the nearby estates(the BANE of Thornhurst.) She is...unique, lol. Seriously, shes like, hell, out there. But anyways, she rides my bus and is cool, as is everyone else on this page.

Pat: Pat is in a few of my classes this year, and also in the band as a trumpet player. One of his unique talents is that he plays the bagpipes.


FYI Stuff: Ok, not much to list here. ;p


This has been a list of a few of my MANY...well a few of my few friends. ;)