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Disclaimer: Okay, I'm not perfect, keep that in mind at all times. Chances are I missed people who should be on this list, and because of that, a whole lot of you will prolly be pissed at me and out for blood. But, i can only assure you all too well that it WASN'T intentional. Part of the reasons this page has been down for so bloody long is exactly because so many people complained if they weren't on it. I'm giving it ONE last go, and if it doesn't succeed, I'll turn this into...uhm...a lame jokes page. :P Thank you, enjoy the page. Also, these are in no particular order.

Mike H: Aka Pat Boone, the Number Stealer, and the Spokeshrimp. Mike is a 'kewl' dude who has dedicated his life to drums, guitars, and big freakin subs in the back of his car. Trademarked phrases: "Hey yo!" "It's an untapped market, okay?" "She's a nice girl."

Angela: Chosen to represent our groups conscience, Ang is our moral support. That means pretty much that she's the one who says, "Maybe it'd be better if we DIDN'T" Ah, true words of wisdom. Anyways, she's one of the best friends I have, and my closest confidante. Mike and her probably have the most blackmail against me.

Jess: If any of us are ever to become game magazine reviewers, I vote Jess as our most likely candidate. She's a fellow EQ Addict, although she has the disease much worse than I. Oh yeah, she also works at a crummy movie theater. I'll get hit for that comment later on.

Lauren: I have to put her here, otherwise she'll hit me again hard, kidding. Lauren I've known since uhm...I was prolly 4, although typically I see her then don't see her again for like...4 years, I think our latest party broke the cycle though. Well, anyways, its awesome to be in touch with ya. Oh yeah, she likes soccer, and has an ORANGE soccer ball! carried away there with the orange...

Brian P: There are very few friends I can claim to have kept since first grade. Brian is one of those. Tons of stuff have happened throughout the years. I know I'll never forget seeing that japanese rocket go off down by the tracks. There were good and bad times...bad times being Mrs. Sledzinski's Algebra II class.

Holly: Now, what can I say...Holly is truely one of a kind. No one can be...peppier than she is, that's for sure, or as strange ;). We've been close friends for about 2 years I guess you can say. But...chances are I'm never gonna see her again, so I think I'm gonna miss her the most since...there's literally no way to get in touch with her that's safe, that I know of.

That's it for now, more to come soon.