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Destinyís Path

By: Bret Zawilski

The place is Earth, Earth of the future. An Earth whoís name has long been forgotten. An Earth whoís violence, racism, and evil is unmatched throughout the known universe. Legend has it that a person would come and save this world from its own horrors. A slave, a warrior, and a sorcerer were prophesied to come in the time of Earthís greatest need. It all started with the enslaving of the human race, by an alien culture. Known as the greys they systematically dismantled the government and overtook the planet. For nearly 4 generations the human race endured their barbaric rule. In 2658 their rule was terminated. A worldwide revolt took the Greys by storm. But Freedom was too much for the remaining human society. Most of the technology had been destroyed. These humans tried to work things out but in the end failed. Prejudice and violence spread like wildfire. Different ethnic groups started their own private wars. Now, on this once more barbaric world the sword rules. Armyís of evil and good have massed to put an end to these crimes. So far evil has been winning. But, hardly any people believed in the prophecy of rescue, especially not Destiny Risah. Destiny was told his name bore some purpose but for ages failed to believe in this superstition. He had grown up in a rough town, getting food and money by stealing. A young night took Destiny in as his squire and taught him how to fight. Once in battle the night he served was killed. His last words to Destiny were, "Take my sword from its sheath and hand it to me." The night took his sword and knighted Destiny. Destiny began to practice dueling and other skills and at the age of 23 the adventure of his life began.

Destiny rode down the dusty rode on his horse. In the distance he could make out the peaks of Everest, as they were called. Somewhere below the great mountain was the city of New Edenoth. He estimated he would reach the city by daybreak and sped up his horse.

When Destiny reached the town he looked around at the sights. It was much like other towns he had ventured to, covered in dust and small shacks lining the roads. He tied his horse to a post and walked into the Stardust Inn. The manager greeted him, "Why hello there kind sir, would you like a room for the night perhaps? Special low rates to customers all this month." Destiny rolled his eyes at the businessman and replied, "Yes, I would like a room for the night. How much will it cost?" The Manager smiled and said, "One silver coin for a three night stay. 1 silver and 1 copper coin for a one night stay." Destiny pulled out a gold coin and put it on the desk, "Four nights board, no annoyances, agreed?" The manager looked wide eyed at the coin then said, "Why yes sir, you can have the grand suite for your stay. Enjoy your trip to Edenoth." "I will," replied Destiny.

The manager snatched up the coin and Destiny hauled his bag up the stairs into the suite. He looked around and thought to himself, "This is the grand suite? Iíd hate to see the normal rooms." He dropped the bag onto the bed and walked back downstairs. He walked out the door and looked around the street. A weapons store at the end of the road occupied his attention. Maybe later, he thought. Destiny walked down the road to the local tavern and walked in. He walked up to the bartender and asked, "Where's the food mart in this town?" The bartender looked over at Destiny and replied, "Its on Galerbial road on the West Side of town." Destiny sat down on a stool and said, "While Iím here give me some ale." The bartender walked back to the counter and got Destiny some Algerian Ale. Destiny gladly accepted it and drank it quickly. On the way out of the bar Destiny bumped into a tall darkly dressed man. As he looked up to apologize the manís dark gray eyes pierced his soul and Destiny could not find anything to say, so he strode on. The dark figure walked into the bar and asked the bartender, "Is there a local spell shop in this pitiful town?" The bartender looked around with disgust and said, "What do I look like? A road map? Ask someone else for Godís sake. Or hereís an idea, buy a street map." The stranger reached over the counter and pulled up the bartender by his shirt, he said, "Now listen you primate, I asked you a question, so give an answer before I snap your damned neck. Now, where the hell is the local Magick shop?" The bartender looked with fear in his eyes and said in a low voice, "On the w-west side of town. Near the local m-market." The stranger said, "Thatíll be all", and threw the bartender into a shelf of wines and whiskey, knocking the man out." He turned around and walked swiftly to the exit.

Destiny walked under the old canvas that covered the small marketplace. He picked up some fruits and meats and placed them into a cloth pouch. While he was paying for the various items, he saw the same cold, dark man walk into a nearby magick shop.

Chapter Two coming soon!