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The world swam with colors and a faint warmth coming from nowhere. I couldnít remember where I was, but it didnít matter. I was floating on air, staring at the sky, or maybe it was the ground, it all looked the same. A smile hung on my lips although I donít know why.

Everything was bliss, nothing mattered. Somewhere inside I knew it would all pass, that reality would come crashing back soon enough, slapping me in the face with the irony of reality, a sharp knife waiting to cut into me. Right then I wasnít sure how I felt, maybe I was vomiting, that might be the taste in my mouth.

Around me was darkness, cold, absolute, everything I wished for. The ring still sat in my hand, I wasnít sure what it meant, but it shimmered slightly, so I kept it close to myself, it was pretty after all. It was too small for my own finger though, which made me confused for a moment, until that was swept away by the warmth too.

Bliss, it was so quiet and so loud at the same time, as if life was simply an echo flowing around me. Nothing would focus. The warmth turned to a bitter chill that I couldnít escape. There were people nearby, but their skin was like ice, painful to touch.

There were tears in my eyes; at least it explained my blurred vision. I couldnít understand why though. Squeezing the ring gently memories slammed back into my mind. I still couldnít understand them but fear and anger swept over me.

I stood, or maybe I actually fell, it felt like falling but I was sure I was sitting to begin with. The world twisted and turned, sending my stomach into knots.

Ahead was darkness, it was all so luring. With one step after another I slowly closed in on it. Something cold was in my wrist, painful as a burning needle. Pleasure streaked through me once, more, but it passed all too quickly. Another step and the darkness hung even closer yet.

With a final step everything began to fall away from me. I was flying, the wind wrapping itself around wings I never knew I had. Tears still rolled down my face, but the moon was so I longed to just stare at it every night. How quickly the darkness came as my fateful descent ended.