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The Wheel of Time Series - By Robert Jordan

A very good series of books I started soon after I finished Lord of the Ring. It deals with a rich fantasy world and three ta'veren: Rand Al'Thor, Matrim Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara. The three of them face off against the mythical Dark One and the Forsaken, as well as some of the Aes Sedai, women who can control the One Power, who do what they believe to be right, even if it may not be.

I can't recommend the series enough. It's long to be sure and still unfinished, but very well. In some of the later books it becomes a little stale for a time, especially since I read them one after another straight for about a month. However, as well as The Sword of Truth series, the latest book released, Winter's Heart, has taken the story ahead very far and refreshed the plot. A must read series.

Overall Rating: 9/10