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When True Night Falls - By C.S. Friedman

The second novel in Friedman's Coldfire trilogy. Note that if you haven't read the first novel, there might be some spoilers here, so don't read any farther if you don't want any.

In this novel Damion Vryce and Gerrald Tarrant, the cold-hearted Hunter, embark across the ocean of Erna. No expedition across the sea has ever returned, but they believe that maybe colonies were established on the distant lands. Their new quest links them together, attempting to learn more of the demon Calesta, who threatens to destroy all of humanity and turn them into slaves.

To be frank, this book is not very good. It is drawn out and very dull in many places. I skipped most of it the first time through the series and still feel I missed out on nothing at all. Of the three books, this is my least favorite. I believe it could have been presented much better, but that is just my view.

Overall Rating: 2/10