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The Madness Season - By C.S. Friedman

This book is quite unique in many ways. In essence, it deals with vampires, although you will never hear the word mentioned throughout the tale.

Humanity has been conquered by a space faring race and are at best slaves with limited freedom. The main character of the story is discovered for what he truly is by the aliens and sent to be studied. It also deals with a mysterious race of shape-shifters who suffer from bad memories.

I liked the book, it was unique and had an interesting storyline. While not the best story I've read, I recommend it.

Oh yes, for all who wish to know and who have read this, I was in contact with C.S. Friedman a few years back concerning a project for school. I exchanged several email's about her and learned some things about her perspective on writing.

Overall Rating: 8/10