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Crown of Shadows - By C.S. Friedman

The third novel in Friedman's Coldfire trilogy. Note that if you haven't read the first or second novels, there might be some spoilers here, so don't read any farther if you don't want to know things that may spoil parts of the other books.

In the final book of the Coldfire trilogy, Damion Vryce and the immortal Gerrald Tarrant hurry back to their native continent to stop the demon Calesta's plans. Meanwhile, due to his leaving with Tarrant, Damion finds his place in the church threatened. The church is now planning a direct war against Tarrant's home in the Forest, led by Tarrant's own distant relation and near twin image.

My favorite book in the series. It moves along rather well and packs quite a bit of action into the storyline. The ending to the trilogy is quite nice in my view and makes the entire read worthwhile.

Overall Rating: 8/10