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Atlas Shrugged - By Ayn Rand

This book may appear very um...intimidating to those who don't like thickness. It is the longest book I have read in my life, being over 1,100 pages long. However, I cannot stress that this book is well worth the read. In places, due to its length, you may have the urge to skim through a few parts. One notable speech in the book is at least 20 pages long.

The plot of the novel is memorable and the characters are, I believe, very realistic. They each have their own personalities, desires, and oddities In basis, this deals not with the death of a person, but of the rebirth of humanity.

I know how most people do not like to be nagged in a book, but the preaching is somewhat well disguised. It has a clear point though and to say the least it is very provocative. Undoubtedly you will have at least a few of your views changed by the end of the book.

Overall Rating: 9/10