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Thomas winced in pain as the sleek blade tore through his flesh. Blood flowed from his side, drenching his arm in the hot fluid. Falling, he saw Damon laugh over him.

Damon raised his sword high for the final blow. With all the concentration Tom had, he managed to wield his sword. Blocking the slash, he kicked Damon hard in the face, as his wound bled quicker.

Damon stumbled backwars as Tom forced himself to his feet. Celisse moaned slightly and started to move, regaining consciousness.

Tom stared into Damonís cold, sterile eyes, "It ends here."

Damon laughed, "Yes, it does."

Celisseís vision cleared and she could only watch the two warriors battle.

Rushing foward, Tom brought his sword up in front of him. In a blur of motion Damon slashed down hard, but his blade missed. Tom stepped to his side and brought his sword down onto Damons neck, blood oozing out of his arteries, and fell onto his knees. With every bit of his strength, he shoved his blade through Thomasí stomach, but it was too late. Tom screamed in pain but raised his sword, and pushed it down through Damonís skull, hearing a loud crack as the sword peiced down into his mouth.

Both of them fell to the ground, Tom still gasped for air, as blood filled his throat.

Celisse sprinted to his side and held his head in her arms. She started to cry, "Thomas, please, hold on."

He looked into her eyes and managed to smile, "Its too late," his voice wavered as he coughed up blood, "Iím going to miss you..."

She shook her head, "Please donít say that, you-"

He raised a finger to her lips to silence her then stoked her cheek gently, "I love you, wherever I am..."

She leaned over and kissed him gently, catching a taste of blood, "I love you too...goodbye my guardian..."

He still smiled, "Goodnight my angel." Tomís eyes moved off her and towards the sky, looking up distantly, " bright..." and he was still.

Celisse closed his eyes slowly and cried softly. Weariness overcame her and she drifted to sleep.

Days later, Celisse entered her village. It was night so she climbed into her room silently. Looking at the stars, she thought of Thomas, buried outside the ruins, with a peice of ruby to mark his grave. The wind blew through her hair. A small voice she thought she at first imagined, startled her, "I love you." it whispered.

Celisse stared at the moon. She never felt so alone...but knew he was watching her.