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Crystalline Perspective

By: Bret Zawilski

In light there is truth. In darkness there is fear. For centuries two races, the Voiton empire, and the Terran Stellar Alleigiance. Now, a new force has arisen. It seeths with anger from long ago, fueled by the taste of failure the seek to reclaim their honor. Now two races, opposed to the others existence, must work together to save their worlds life, and the lives of every one of their people.

A magnificent crystal ship lifted up from the surface of the cold sterile moon. Arches, reflecting rainbow colors from the sun, hung above it. It penetrated the abyss and continued on its way, steadily slicing across the sky. A faint glow was emitted from a point in front of the ship. It passed through the slowly swirling point and dissapeared from view. Onboard the captain manned the bridge while a young pilot, Michael Johannes, sat in his ships cockpit, prepping it for the next mission.